Vineyard House




Vineyard House offers safe, stable housing in one of our two men's houses and one women's house to Vineyarders seeking recovery. Residents are encouraged to live in Vineyard House for at least a year and are asked for a minimum six-month commitment. The maximum length of stay is eighteen months.

How to Apply

For entry to Vineyard House, a prospective resident must call 508.693.8580. Our Resident Case Manager will contact you to conduct a preliminary phone interview and to schedule a face-to-face interview.

Residents are encouraged to have undergone detox prior to admission to Vineyard House. Local facilities include: High Watch Recovery Center, located in Kent, CT (, and Gosnold, located in Falmouth, MA (


Vineyard House attempts to provide a seamless transition from detox to residency. The after-care treatment provider makes contact with the Vineyard House Resident Case Manager to set up the preliminary phone and face-to-face interviews with the prospective resident.

How Long Will It Take?

Most prospective residents who have completed the interview process do not have to wait to get in.

Island Residency Requirements

Since its inception, Vineyard House (VH) has always been for island residents.

The definition of an "island resident" is not rigid. In order of importance, the following criteria are considered when evaluating whether a candidate for residency qualifies as an island resident:

  • Full time island resident for at least a year prior to application

  • Full time island resident for more than two years in any of the last 5 years

  • Immediate family member resident on island for the past 5 years

  • Graduate of the MVRHS or MV Charter School

  • Full-time employment on the island

  • Part-time employment in the island

  • Strong ties to the community

Vineyard House considers it helpful for the community to understand the reasoning behind our residency requirements.

First, if VH services were not available due to competition from persons from elsewhere, island residents would need to travel off-island and be isolated from our community.

Adhering to residency requirements also has a role in protecting the community from any potential negative effects of our operations. If residents who do not have roots in the community are asked to leave VH, they may place stress on local law-enforcement, medical, and judicial services, and this can jeopardize the reputation and very existence of VH.

VH discourages members of the community from bringing anyone to the island with the promise to them that they will be provided residency at VH. Doing so will not be considered a positive factor in that person's application for residency, if they are considered for residency at all.

The greater the demand for our services from the island community, the more strictly residency requirements have been and will be adhered to.

VH reserves the right to make exceptions where circumstances warrant, as well as to refuse entry to candidates who meet the stated requirements.

To be able to fulfill our important mission and maintain our good standing, VH will continue to focus on serving the island community.