Vineyard House

Details & Costs


Details & Costs

Resident Guidelines

  • Island men and women (18 years old or older)

  • Must agree to abide by House rules

  • Must attend weekly House meetings

  • Must participate in Twelve Step meetings

  • Must be committed to their own recovery

  • Must be gainfully employed

  • Must actively contribute to the residential community

  • Must be eligible for Mass. health insurance, medical insurance is required

  • Must submit to random alcohol and drug screening


Vineyard House provides housing for 18 men and 7 women in separate residences. Rooms are mostly double occupancy, with a few singles available for senior residents. Bathrooms, kitchens and common areas are shared by all house residents. All houses have proximity to public transportation. House managers reside on-site in the houses.


Vineyard House charges a $260 entrance fee and $130 a week in rent due on Wednesday. The entrance fee is refundable upon leaving Vineyard House in good standing and with 2 weeks notice. Parking space is available for 1 registered car. Basics such as coffee, paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies are provided.

Length of Stay

Residents are encouraged to live in Vineyard House for at least a year and are asked for a minimum six-month commitment. The maximum length of stay is eighteen months. Although it is difficult to profile a “typical” resident experience, there are certain facts that remain constant with most of them:

  • It takes our typical resident as long as their first thirty days in the house to acclimate to the day-to-day routine.

  • By the ninety day mark, individuals have established a network of acquaintances from the 12 step meetings they have been attending.

  • For the remainder of their stay, an individual will help themselves further by helping the new comer who has recently entered the house.

  • And the cycle goes on.

Privacy Policy

At Vineyard House, we neither confirm, nor deny, whether we have seen or talked to anyone, or that any person has been or is in our program.